Kavita Menon

CEO , Educator and Trainer - Global Language -The Academic Partnership LLC-India (GL-TAP LLC India)

Kavita Menon , is an educator , entrepreneur and an award winning author of amazon’s No.1 best seller the” Spiritual Fitness Survivor”.

She started her career in 2009 as a communicative English teacher and continued her job as a teacher in many schools and private institutions till march 2017. Then she felt that she needed a break and she has it as well; From April 2017- December 2018, she literally took a long break and that time – a time of hibernation made her understand more about her true self; she went through a transitional phase only to merge out as more creative and constructive even more than before. Perhaps all those solo trips to a few countries where she had also worked for a while might have had opened more new windows before her. These experiences did a 180 degree turn in her life all her perceptions changed ,she became more emotionally matured and the spiritual dimensions in her was opened up. There happened a significant and magnificent deflection in her professional life too; she made her passion- English language as profession. During 2018-2019 and even in January 2020,she bagged a few titles; she became a Global Education Influencer ; and Global Goodwill Ambassador and Global Peace ambassador too. On the top of that on 5th January 2020 she became an award winning author of the book ‘Spiritual Fitness Survivor’.

As she went ahead by accepting herself fully, she realized even more of her priorities and the need of self love and discipline in her life. She now acknowledges that with passion, practice, commitment, hard work, determination, positivity ,smile , trust and faith in god and in one’s self one can make mountains moves. In October 2019, she sets up her institution ‘Global Language’- The Academic Partnership LLC India ‘. The first step of her’s to be self employed and self disciplined and with the mission -hope and passion to make the ESL-English as a second language. she enjoys to explore and to go deeper to clinch her interest sothat it can influence others as well to improve ,enhance and develop their English language proficiency.

In Kavita’s own words- “In Global Language-The Academic Partnership LLC India , I develop the module, activities, teach, meet people , grow network and connections. As for now i have online classes for different age levels ranging from age 4 to age 60 specifically for English language. I am also planning to start an in -class program as well. Being a sole proprietor ,I myself shoulder all the responsibilities, it teaches me , defines me and makes me. And that makes me follow –“Grow Better Never Stops”.

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